A Plan to Humanize, Organize and Energize the Street

 Third Avenue, Seattle’s primary transit street, plays a critical role in the function and perception of Downtown. The concept design explored a wide range of ideas to transform four key blocks into a safe, attractive, and functional place for the 65,000 pedestrians and more than  40,000 transit riders who use the street every day. Analysis of site context, current usage, and assets in the study area led to a design approach in three categories: Organizing the Street, Humanizing the Street, and Energizing the Street.
Organizational concepts included improvements in the location of transit stops, the addition of street furnishings, and the allocation of clear walk zones.  Humanizing elements included suites of public amenities, lighting, paving, and the concept of “street lounges”. Energizing elements included the installation of art, the addition of a digital presence, and the highlighting of historic architecture. The block along Macy’s flagship Seattle store has been completed using concepts generated by the project and serves as a first step towards implementation.

Framework’s role was Project and Design Lead

City of Seattle Department of Transportation
King County Metro

CMG Landscape Architecture
KPG, Interdisciplinary Studio
Blanca Lighting Design
Nelson Nygaard

Make Third Avenue a great street for transit, businesses, residents and visitors - an inviting accommodating, safe and attractive place where people want to be.

memorandum of agreement between the City of Seattle, King County, and the Downtown Seattle Association

In the Seattle of the future, portions of Third Avenue, downtown's belitted boulevard, will be transformed into a royal road.

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