Replacing Paving with Places for People, Plantings and Art

Terry Avenue between Lenora and Virginia Streets is at the heart of Cornish College of the Arts’ urban campus and a growing residential neighborhood. Despite carrying little traffic, Terry Avenue had 42 feet of asphalt between the curbs. With its designation as a Green Street, this corridor received Federal Transit Authority funding to create a pedestrian-oriented street. We provided design assistance to Seattle’s Department of Transportation, representing Cornish College of the Arts. 
The rebuilt street now has a single 12 foot drive lane, with pockets of parking to accommodate school drop-off and pick-up, service deliveries, and trash pickup. Wide new landscape areas, seating, and art display areas created needed outdoor space for students, residents, and people walking through the neighborhood.

Framework Principal, Lesley Bain was Project and Design Lead  

Cornish College of the Arts
Seattle Department of Transportation

Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, Landscape Architecture