Steering the Conversation about the Duwamish River

Framework was selected as one of the artists to present a piece on the river as part of the Duwamish Revealed Festival, a multi-event celebration of Seattle’s only river. The Duwamish currently has multiple superfund action sites which need to be cleaned into healthy, humane environments for people to enjoy. Superfun Superfund approached this topic by providing a fun moment connecting people to the river and inspiring conversations.
We built a set of colorful, remote controlled “word boats”–like large scale, floating refrigerator magnets. These boats were available for people to drive via remote control. The words engaged in the complexities of the current environmental state of the river and could form new word strings, for instance the “clean” boat can be joined with either the “up” boat or the “un” boat.The installation connected participants to the river’s industrious past and provided an engaging activity for the community to converse about the future.

Framework’s role was Artist and Fabricator 

Duwamish Revealed and ECOSS
City of Seattle Arts and Culture Office

Galaxy Hobby, Electronics assistance
Harly Pan, Filmmaker