Street Concept Plans

The Pioneer Square neighborhood is a premier Seattle landmark that is undergoing rapid change. Known for its historic buildings, unique shops, diverse community, and active public life, the neighborhood
caters to residents, businesses and tourists alike. While public and private development projects represent city and neighborhood-wide improvements to infrastructure and transportation, without a cohesive vision they
could potentially jeopardize the character and continuity of the neighborhood’s distinct public realm. This project builds upon the Pioneer Square Research and Inventory work previously completed and empowers the Pioneer Square community by serving as a guide for future streetscape improvements.

These streetscape concept plans includes three scales of concept designs and recommendations – 1. streetscape elements such as bike racks and seating, 2. typical design conditions, such as intersections and curbs, and 3. street concept plans. The elements and conditions work will apply neighborhood wide while full street concepts will focus on 1st Ave, Yesler, 2nd Ave Ext S and 2nd Ave. These streets were selected based on their critical function to the neighborhood, existing deficiencies and overlap with ongoing projects to develop detailed street plans to be incorporated in the City of Seattle’s Right of Way Manual.

Framework was Project Design Lead and Research Lead 

Alliance for Pioneer Square
Seattle Department of Transportation

Lighthouse for the Blind
Feet First

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