The Public Space Center Plan | Physical Realm. Participatory Realm. Beautiful Policy

Adjacent to the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kendall Square is a premier center of biotech and high-tech research. in order to improve the quality of the neighborhood’s public spaces–parks, streets, and ground floor uses–the City of Cambridge launched a national design competition to create a unique and forward-looking neighborhood.

Framework’s team was one of four design teams selected to create a design concept.Framework brought together a superlative brain trust to formulate cutting-edge ideas in the public realm.

Our submission, The Public Space Center, marries the unique resources of MIT to the real-world neighborhood of Kendall Square, testing and evaluating innovation in public space. Our intent was to use the public realm as a mixing chamber for the community, evoking the exciting work that goes on inside the labs and studios. The Public Space Center would serve as the central brain of the district, with distributed “outposts” where a wide range of activities occur, energizing the neighborhood’s creative innovators and the broader community.

Framework was Project Lead 

City of Cambridge, MA

Santos Prescott & Associates
Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA)
Charles River Watershed Association
Invisible Playground
Scott Burnham, Urban Strategist
MIT Media Lab