Could this Intersection Become a Park?

Street Scrabble was a community event designed to test an underutilized intersection as a community gathering place. The intersection of University, Union, and Boylston streets was an expanse of asphalt that was confusing to cars, bikes, and pedestrians alike. Identified by the Department of Transportation as a potential pavement-to-park opportunity, some in the community were unable to imagine the intersection as quality open space. Framework and City staff built a giant word game that became the center of a very successful event to test possible use of the space.
Planters were brought in to enclose a portion of the intersection. With food trucks and music, the game brought together neighborhood residents of all ages in friendly word play competition. The event made the potential of the space clear to all; several months later improvements were made so that people could use the park on a daily basis. The street scrabble set is housed at the City of Seattle and used by community groups across the city to activate public space.

Framework’s role was Project Designer and Fabricator

Seattle Department of Transportation
Seattle Department of Planning and Development
Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation
First Hill Improvement Association
The Better Block Program
Fehr and Peers

All Photos by Joe Iano